Bye bye English literature, hello blogsphere

Sorting through dozens of books. Each one had its own purpose. I was going read this one or use this for my dissertation. I had every intention of researching and authoring my dissertation about women gender roles in the Victorian home.

Instead, I donated majority of my collection. I needed to downside anyway, I guess.

I would travel to different conferences lecturing about gender roles and their unspoken expectations. Placing my audience within the confounds of a Victorian home. Only using the time period as an avenue to explain the absurd expectations of women in the home.

And to top it off, my best friend presented his thesis at a conference a few weeks ago. I am a little jealous. I have to admit. Super proud of him though. But I always thought that would be me.

Specifically, I thought I would be using Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own to construct my thesis. These books were apart of who I thought I would become. NOT, and for good reason.

It simply was not in my destiny. Life moves on and so should I. I’m at a point in my life where I want to embrace my natural talents versus development talents.

For me, I worked hard to develop my writing skills. All the way through my journalism degree. But finances are who I am. Kinda in the middle of a career change without the actual career. I just begin to loath everything related to journalism. Deadlines, editors, etc.

Then, I began to think. Think about who I was, what I liked and my natural skills. One thing immediately stuck with me: finance. I love giving advice about personal finance, and I have been on a vendetta to raise my credit score.

Reading and research and compiling all of the information I possibly could to educate myself and hopefully assist someone else in the process.

Pennies count,

The Dollar Dad


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