Importance of print and web publishing for bloggers

I know it can be a little intimidating, but learning these programs are a must for bloggers. And you know what I’m talking about.

The meme that make us literally laugh out loud. Or the free e-book you keep reading.

The dimensions perfectly fit your phone or computer. The colors and fonts force you to continue reading.

All we have is our content. So, we have to make it as informative and striking as possible. And don’t forget to link all that tailored material back your site.

I read somewhere (I cant think for the life of me where) an infographic explaining how you should add a post and correctly market it.

I had to quickly learn people need visuals. Shortly after, the Adobe Creative Suite and other comparable publishing programs became my best friend.

Memes or quotes are shared to thousands of people. These images are thoughtful, artistic and funny.  Bold colors. Eye-catching fonts. Crisp lines and edges.

I had many programs available at my fingertips in college. But the my blanket of arrogance kept me from learning. Or being receptive to all the possibilities.

Let the designers do that type of stuff. I will just write. Write so well no one will need visuals.

How ignorant of me?

These aspects hit home for me. I would like to become a technical writer, and blogging is giving me the practice I missed out on in college.

I told myself, if I was serious about technical writing and blogging, I would have to learn to edit different documents, not just words. If I had sizing requirements for a particular item in a manual I was constructing, I could size it myself instead of calling for a designer.

We need these skills!

A couple tips about publishing your post

  • Have an image

No one wants to see a post with no picture. You should be able to visually represent your post with at least one photo, even if you have to edit it yourself. Sites like PicMonkey make it very easy to edit photos. No Photoshop skills necessary. You need those images to market your site, posts and skills on social networking sites to drive traffic to your site. That is the ultimate goal, isn’t it?

  • Make sure your content is compatible with many devices

I hate pulling up a site, and I need some special plugin to see it. This is not user friendly. Put yourself in the shoes of the user. You came on the site to check it out. You wouldn’t want pesky adds stopping you from viewing the content you originally came to the site to see. Neither does the user.

Pennies count,

The Dollar Dad

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