Are you stressing your dad into a nursing home?

All I do is stress. Stress about money. Stress about stability. Stress about growth. Stress about good health.

    I touched on subjects like prostate cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and mental illness all last week. Men have a hard time dealing with illness because society translates it into weakness. At least for men.

    This stressing will do the complete opposite of prosperity. There is an old saying about the mind and body being one. I’m not one to quote old proverbs.

    It’s truth though. The mind controls most physical functions in our bodies’. I don’t think its a stretch to assert obsessive stressing will cause the body harm.

    This is just the mental health aspect of men’s health. But this leads to some others illness/diseases I mentioned in honor of International Men’s Day (11/19). The world seems to view dads a little differently. We don’t have the resources moms do.

    While a mom is relieving herself at a spa, the dad gets demeaning looks if he did the same. Why?


    It begins in the mind. De-stressing is important for everyone, not just women.

    And living a life of stress avoidance will get us here. Binging and become addicted to horrible behaviors. Like my coworker, excessive working will not make the stress vanish. We have to learn to manage, or we’ll end up like the thousands of others forced in nursing homes (or in the care of family and loved ones).

    The National Fatherhood Initiative perfectly explained the importance of managing stress, “The only thing you can control is how you think and what you do.” All other outside influences do not have enough weight to control your thoughts or actions. Influences like the macho façade society forces us to maintain.

    Nursing homes are in place for a reason. I would not discredit what their use is. But any type of unnecessary force, especially all dads have to cope with, is not ok.

    Moreover, it’s proven if dad is unhealthy, his child is more likely to be unhealthy, as the National Fatherhood Initiative put it. It put a few things forth to decrease stress. Their article was an informative read, and I wanted to continue the conversation.

    The Initiative asked, “What’s the one step where you need the most work?” I’ll get to this shortly.

    The eye opener

    It’s never an easy thing to admit your dad into a nursing home. You stomach the feelings of inadequacy and separation as you can’t give him the care he needs.

    Men work their entire lives to provide for themselves and their families. Some of us can’t take the pressure. We run and all sorts of trouble seems to follow.

    But what are dads really stressing about?

    Dependents are reluctant to place their father in someone else’s care. A total stranger. But it happens. Millions of people are sadden by the fact that their dad’s health isn’t getting better.

    Continuing the conversation

    The National Fatherhood Initiative listed 5 points to manage stress: exercising, eating “clean”, sleeping, keeping work at work, dating your spouse, and finding a hobby.

    I’m guilty. My wife is left in the cold after I finish all my responsibilities. I don’t have time to love on her, and make us feel special. I confused as to how to date.

    It’s been a while. But I think they were on to something. To keep any relationship healthy and leave dad happy, takes ingenuity and spontaneity. Date the misses.

    I will make dates more frequent and treat it as the first date. But if it takes this to leave me less stressed, I’m 100 percent down.

    Are there other ways dads can decrease stress?

    4 thoughts on “Are you stressing your dad into a nursing home?

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    1. Stress is everywhere. One can’t avoid it, it is inevitable. Knowing how to handle stressful situations comes down to a person’s mindset. How we react to situations. Society isn’t going to stop with what they think a man should be, but men shouldn’t have to accept how they should be. Same for women. People can put you in a box and say you must be this way, but we don’t have to go with it.

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