About The Dollar Dad

Fatherhood is incredible and sometimes regrettable. Men have a different way of navigating parenthood, along with our provider roles.

My mission is to encourage dads all over to embrace emotional and financial responsibility.

I plan to guide dads to fiscal responsibility through my personal hardships and triumphs. But to still enjoy fatherhood and all its glory; also encouraging dads to engage with their families’ and not be ashamed of the emotional aspect of fatherhood.

I’m Anthony, also known as The Dollar Dad. I’m so excited to share my life experiences with you all.

I’ve always been fascinated with money since childhood.

How to get money? How can I make myself worth anything? How should I spend my money? How should I save my money? And it all boiled down to one thing:

I always crave more money!

Parenthood is also difficult. Especially for us dads. Not downplaying the moms, but we have a whole set of struggles all our own.

I’m here expose not only the awesomeness of watching my little girl learn and grow but to bare all the challenges that come along with that.

I plan to guide dads to a place where we hone the emotions that are sometimes ignored. And some of the happier ones too.

All of them need to be processed equally, and I’m going to help you (and myself).

For a long time, parenthood has been exclusive to moms. Especially in blogging or writing.  I’m here to break that norm.

Dads can be financially savvy and in love with literature too. This dad is.

Any inquiries or suggestions can be made to penniescountfordad@gmail.com. I’m a dad just like you, and I’m no financial or literary expert. Open to any and everything guys.

I won’t bite.

Pennies count,

The Dollar Dad


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