Are you stressing your dad into a nursing home?

All I do is stress. Stress about money. Stress about stability. Stress about growth. Stress about good health. I touched on subjects like prostate cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and mental illness all last week. Men have a hard time dealing with illness because society translates it into weakness. At least for men. This stressing will do... Continue Reading →

#burningdebt with The Dollar Dad: Jump start your emergency fund, now!

Saving shouldn't be a tradeoff. I am determined now more than ever to pay off my debts and start my emergency fund. I had my two cars break down on my fixed budget. I had no idea where or when I could get the money to repair them. My bank accounts were at a total... Continue Reading →

Dads have custody rights too

Your ex is moving states away with the beautiful child you both made. You work yourself into a complete frenzy. Go after them. Wait. Call the police for kidnapping. Seriously? My coworker confessed this. But his story is all too familiar.  He is one of many parents who is ripped from their children during divorces... Continue Reading →

Brother, why are we financially illiterate?

I was slightly relieved when I read the Prudential study, "African American Financial Experience 2015-2016." Here are key points from the research I was thoroughly proud of as a black man: African Americans graded themselves all above 50% in areas of managing household expenses, managing money, managing debt, and life insurance protection. 59% of African Americans... Continue Reading →

The aftermath of masculinity

What's left after black men are enslaved brainwashed and reprogrammed? A void. A hollow void like a computer with no code. See, like with a functionless computer, the man cannot function in this world without masculinity. At least not outside himself. Brave manly face for society. Like a grand performance in front of thousands. But... Continue Reading →

Becoming a dad, not just a father

I begged the heavens and the cosmos to give me a little girl. A little, precious girl to teach her about the world and men. Self-worth and confidence. I was convinced women need men and vice versa. And there are some lessons only a dad can give. Men have a way of tearing down intrinsic... Continue Reading →

Bag of bones

I don't get to write poetry enough. It's a side of myself that evokes feelings I never considered. From time to time, I will share a little piece that I've worked on or in the works of finishing. I'm no Edgar Allen Poe, but I think this is a great outlet. You should try it.... Continue Reading →

Goal of maxing out 1st 401K

After years of searching and waiting, my wife landed a career. Not just a job. You know, the ones that come with health benefit and retirement options. Of course, as soon as my wife got the news, she came running to me. I'm the numbers guy. She was just as excited as I was after... Continue Reading →

TBR: Inspiration calls

It's so cool when book reviewers or v-bloggers make lists of books they want to read or to be read (TBR). It gives me hope of reading the next mind-capturing novel. I'm a bookie at heart. But I feel like I make up excuses why I can't enjoy reading. I remember my family making fun of... Continue Reading →

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