Need a writer?

Look no further. I’m the versatile writer you have been searching for.

Yes, I am new to the blogging world. But I’m very accustomed to different writing scenarios.

Tell me the restrictions of your writing project, and I will follow and exceed your expectations.

My background is in business journalism and literature. I’m a trained journalist who has been published several times both online and in print. But never in the blogsphere.

I’m fond of parenthood topics, especially anything about fatherhood.

And I’m absolutely obsessed with personal finance. Anything that has to do with saving, retirement or building wealth is right up my alley.

What can you hire me for?

Guest blogging


Feature writing

Line, copy and developmental editing

Original poetry gifts

Writing styles

I can take any subject and make it into a compact, readable document. That is my journalist side, both efficient and informative.

I’m acquainted with various writing styles; AP, Chicago, MLA, APA. I can flow between the different styles with effortless fluidity. A definite skill because news waits for no man.

Need me to adopt a different style? No problem.

Poetry services

Sometimes, it’s difficult to find words to express the most important events in your life.

You’ve been asked to give grieving sentiments at your loved one’s funeral. Or you just want to tell your spouse you love them.

Poetry can be a unique way of forming your words into a gift that can be cherished over and over again. I can form any idea into a dramatic expression of emotions.

I can compose a poem or words of expression for:

  • Weddings
  • Funerals
  • Anniversaries

Don’t fret. Just give your emotions to me, and I will turn them into written gold.

Editing services

Victorian Mixon goes into details about the difference between editing services, and these are the ones I can help you with.

I am a clean line editor with a strong command of the English language.

I will make words and sentences flow to match any voice. Readers sometimes don’t understand how important word choice is.

Someone’s brand could be at risk of losing its credibility if the wrong message is communicated. All content is about word choice.

Developmental editing is more from my literature background. I can tell any story you need to be told. I also copy edit with a fine-tooth comb.

I can’t wait to work with you creating some written masterpiece. Well, I have to prove myself first, right?

All inquiries can be made to

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