TBR: Inspiration calls

It's so cool when book reviewers or v-bloggers make lists of books they want to read or to be read (TBR). It gives me hope of reading the next mind-capturing novel. I'm a bookie at heart. But I feel like I make up excuses why I can't enjoy reading. I remember my family making fun of... Continue Reading →

Bye bye English literature, hello blogsphere

Sorting through dozens of books. Each one had its own purpose. I was going read this one or use this for my dissertation. I had every intention of researching and authoring my dissertation about women gender roles in the Victorian home. Instead, I donated majority of my collection. I needed to downside anyway, I guess. I... Continue Reading →

Credit Corner: Why am I a subprime borrower?

Borrowing is inevitable.  Whether it be for a car or home, sometimes we need more funds than we have on hand to make a large purchase. It is our financial responsibility to make sure that loan is repaid. But life happens. My daughter and I play pretend with her kitchenette and plastic urinals. Haven't considered the loan I... Continue Reading →

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