Brother, why are we financially illiterate?

I was slightly relieved when I read the Prudential study, "African American Financial Experience 2015-2016." Here are key points from the research I was thoroughly proud of as a black man: African Americans graded themselves all above 50% in areas of managing household expenses, managing money, managing debt, and life insurance protection. 59% of African Americans... Continue Reading →

The aftermath of masculinity

What's left after black men are enslaved brainwashed and reprogrammed? A void. A hollow void like a computer with no code. See, like with a functionless computer, the man cannot function in this world without masculinity. At least not outside himself. Brave manly face for society. Like a grand performance in front of thousands. But... Continue Reading →

Bag of bones

I don't get to write poetry enough. It's a side of myself that evokes feelings I never considered. From time to time, I will share a little piece that I've worked on or in the works of finishing. I'm no Edgar Allen Poe, but I think this is a great outlet. You should try it.... Continue Reading →

TBR: Inspiration calls

It's so cool when book reviewers or v-bloggers make lists of books they want to read or to be read (TBR). It gives me hope of reading the next mind-capturing novel. I'm a bookie at heart. But I feel like I make up excuses why I can't enjoy reading. I remember my family making fun of... Continue Reading →

Credit Corner: Why am I a subprime borrower?

Borrowing is inevitable.  Whether it be for a car or home, sometimes we need more funds than we have on hand to make a large purchase. It is our financial responsibility to make sure that loan is repaid. But life happens. My daughter and I play pretend with her kitchenette and plastic urinals. Haven't considered the loan I... Continue Reading →

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