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I would like to personally thank you (yes, you) for exploring my page. I hope you enjoy and follow.

Pennies count in more ways than you may expect. Each penny earned can accumulate into a large amount over time.

Emotions work the same way.

Emotions can build inside you and eventually transform into something large too. And no one wants to see the bad side of that transformation.

I’m Anthony, but you guys can call me The Dollar Dad.

I’m not here to burden anyone with my issues. But I wanted to create a space where fathers actually have a voice in parenthood.

Shift from maternity to paternity

The conversation about parenthood seems to stop at motherhood. Paternity is just that. And I’m here to share my side.

Fatherhood and personal finances go hand and hand.

Well at least for me.

We have to make sure our bills are paid, our homes stay intact and monitor our and our families’ spending habits.

A full-time job if you ask me. Working those long shifts to make ends meet.

Don’t stress. Everything will be fine.

But the key is understanding that we do have space to be expressive about our hardships.

Here it is.

I’m here to make sure dads are secure with themselves as fathers and providers. Enlightening dads to financial and emotional stability.

It’s fine to feel discouraged. But my approach maybe just what the doctor prescribed to get you out of your rut.

Pennies count,

The Dollar Dad

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